Vintage Audio Recording Equipment

Looking to buy vintage recording equipment? Well look no further. Lakewood Recording Studio has been in existance for 35 years and has accumulated a lot of vintage audio recording equipment. Check out the list below and give us a hollar if interested in buying some great vintage audio recording equipment. Check frequently since we're always buying and selling. Lakewood is your one stop shopping place for vintage recording gear.

2- Drawmer Dual Gate DS 201- Mint- $275 each -SOLD

1- Dynaudio Air 6 (5.1Surround) System w/Air Base 2 Sub (3 Masters-2 Slaves) Mint - $6000

2- Urei 813B Time Aligned Speakers-Mint- $1500 pr.-SOLD

1- Vintage Conn Strbotuner- good shape- $250-SOLD

1- Focusrite ISA110 Mic Pre- $1400-SOLD

1- Matched Pair Earthworks QTC1's- Mint in box- $1500-SOLD

2-Pultec EQ's- Matched Pair- $10,000-SOLD

1-Manley VoxBox- $2600- SOLD

1- Soundcraft 2inch Reel to Reel Deck- $4000- SOLD

1-Soundcraft 2400 Mixing Console- $7200- SOLD

1- Emperical Labs EL8 Distressor- $1,100-SOLD

2- Valley People430 Dyna Mites- $900 per- SOLD

2- Neuman U87 (Vintage) - $3,100 per

1- Marshall JCM800 Head + Slant 4/12 Cab (Vintage)- $3000

1- Urie 1176 Silver Face (Vintage) - $2300

1- Urie 1176 Black Face (Vintage)- $2200

1- Urie Stereo 1178 Silver Face (Vintage)- $2800-SOLD

1- Urie Parametric EQ 545 (Vintage)- $800-SOLD

1- Klark Tenic DN780 Digital Reverb (Vintage)- $2800- SOLD

1- AKG ADR68K Digital Reverb (Vintage)- $3500- SOLD

1- Fender Tremolux White Tolex (Vintage)- To Be Announced/ Make Offer

1- Fender Delux Black Face (Vintage)- To Be Announced/ Make Offer


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