For the best source of information on Syracuse and CNY music recording studios start right here at Lakewood Recording Studio.

What really makes a great Syracuse and CNY recording studio?

A recording studio is made up of great equipment. Right? Well that’s only one part of the equation. At Lakewood Studio we do have great equipment but there’s many other things that are just as important.

1. Lakewood Studio is a Syracuse and CNY Recording Studio was built from the ground up as a recording studio. It’s not someone’s garage or basement that’s now a recording studio. We have triple walls and a floating ceilings and floating floors in our studio room and control room. We have a 20 foot vaulted ceiling in the studio room finished in beautiful knotty pine. All of the walls are non-parallel and finished in knotty pine and spot treated with Sonex. The floors are all solid oak. The ambient sound of the studio room is simply gorgeous because of all of the wood finishing and will bring out the beauty in all acoustic instruments. Drums sounds are spectacular with stereo mics that can be placed 20 feet up for an extremely ambient sound to be mixed in with the close-milked drums. So that’s what you start with right off the bat- a great sounding room to paint your musical picture with. This is another example of why we're considered the "Best Recording Studio in Syracuse and CNY".

2. We decided on a LEDE (Live end/ Dead End) design for the control room. This is actually 2 rooms in one. In the near field mixing position the room is dead. As you walk father back the room gets more and more live sounding. This is great to simulate a home listening environment. We designed it to known, formulated and precise dimensions ensuring the least amount of absorptive treatment needed to control any unwanted audio artifacts.  Then after it was built we analyzed it with a Crown TEF Analyzer and spot treated with Sonex where needed. This is a TUNED ROOM. What you hear in our control room is what you’ll hear on your system. This is another example of why we're considered the "Best Recording Studio in Syracuse and CNY".

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